Who Will You Call for Pool Services?

Hire a fiberglass pool company that's worked on thousands of pools

Looking for fiberglass pools for sale? You've come to the right place. American Fiberglass Pools is one of the industry leaders in fiberglass swimming pools. For 50 years, our business has provided top-notch services for residents in the Houston, TX area and across the country. Contact us today for exceptional pool services from our skilled team.

Trust The Business With Unbeatable Experience

Our founder was involved in the patent process of fiberglass swimming pools back in the '50s. Since 1971, American Fiberglass Pools has operated under the same name, address and phone number, making our fiberglass pool company one of the oldest in the nation.

Here are a few other things you should know about us:

We've been a BBB-certified company since 1979 and won seven awards at the Better Business Bureau Awards of Excellence since 2013

We have 22 knowledgeable and hardworking employees that have been with us for at least 25 years

We serve homeowners throughout Belmont, Tyler, Lufkin, Corpus Christi, Victoria and Houston, TX

Reach out to our fiberglass pool company today for services you can count on.


for the Name and Location of the Independent Dealer or Contractor That Can Provide a Free in Home Design and Estimate!

Structural Integrity, Lasting Beauty...

Each American Fiberglass Pools is manufactured under rigid quality-controlled conditions. Starting with 40 mils of gel coat, the thickest in the industry, we are the originators of the use of vinyl ester resin on swimming pools in the United States, first doing so in 1977, and the unique 5-ply fiberglass stitch mat process. American Fiberglass Pools does not use fillers or cores in the manufacturing process of its pools that may diminish the strength or structural integrity of a pools shell. The use of only the latest technologies assures our customers of a lifetime of worry-free fiberglass pool ownership.

A Meaningful Warranty

A lifetime structural warranty is standard on every American Fiberglass Pool. Terms and conditions are available upon request. Further, a meaningful written warranty is given on the cosmetic finish of each American Fiberglass Pool.


Vision Statement

Through our family of valued and dedicated employees, independent dealers, and contractors we will provide quality products and services that are responsive to both internal and external customers; conform without exception to exacting standards; and are delivered and installed in a timely, cost-effective and professional manner.